Disney+ gets a cheaper version!? – Total series

Disney+ gets a cheaper version!?  - Total series

Disney+ can get a newer, cheaper version with ads on it.

It looks like Disney+ is releasing a cheaper version. The only drawback is that you have to accept the presence of ads. How much cheaper and when the streaming service will launch this new subscription model is uncertain.

The story comes from The Information, a generally reliable site. Who is claiming that Disney is planning to release a cheaper ad-supported version.

Disney + . subscription
It is not certain how much this version of the subscription will cost. But Disney-owned Hulu has something similar and costs $6.99 per month on this alternative.

Similar subscriptions to Paramount + and Discovery + cost $4.99 per month. By the way, Disney + has also run ads for Starz in the US for some time, getting the rights to broadcast on star WarsMovies.

At the moment, it is not certain when the version might be released. But the decision could be an interesting way for fans to subscribe to Disney+, given the large number of other streaming services currently available.

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