Disney and Gioia Paris released a new song “Zet de Stap” in honor of Disney princesses

Disney and Gioia Paris released a new song "Zet de Stap" in honor of Disney princesses

Great Princess Party Celebrates the timeless heroines who have inspired us for generations: Disney Princesses! in honor of Great Princess Party reveal Joya Paris With Disney the new song “Zet de Stap”. The new song “Zet de Stap” is designed and modern and encourages young people to be brave and help live their dreams, transcend themselves and make big dreams come true. The song is available today on YouTube, Spotify, Vevo, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Deezer.

Music version “Take the move”

if Great Princess Party Celebrating the Grammy Award® winning artist brandy, who starred as a lovable princess in The Wonderful World of Disney and Cinderella Rodgers and Hammerstein She recorded a new original song called “Start Now”. For Dutch and Flemish Audiences, Finalist of the Junior Song Contest 2019 Joya Paris She recorded the new original song called “Zet de Stap”. The song was produced by a Grammy® Award nominee ok field It is written by Jason Mater, Jordan Forces On Darren Kress. Joya Paris will be partnering with Brandy from the US, Stefania from Greece, and many other famous singers from Europe in the European segment of Start Now, which can also be seen from today on Disney Vevo. Fans can now listen to their favorite Disney Princess songs in a curated playlist from Walt Disney Records.

Video clip

Great Princess Party

Great Princess Party It is a global event that highlights Disney heroines with their friendly, strong and brave looks. It is celebrated all year round. Research shows that the majority of parents turn to familiar characters, such as Disney princesses, to teach their children important values ​​such as kindness and courage. All Disney princesses. From the gracious Cinderella to the dedicated Mulan, and from the resourceful belle to the adventurous Moana, inspiring Disney fans around the world. That’s why Disney celebrates these strong women with different activities, new music, and unique experiences and events.

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In September, Disney will reveal as part of Great Princess PartiesThere are fourteen princess stories that have not been previously published on Storytell. The title of the short story collection is Beautiful stories about brave princessesIt is available as an e-book and audiobook. Drawn by artists from around the world, these never-before-seen stories are featured with beautiful illustrations honoring legendary princesses. Joya Paris She contributed to the audiobook and recorded two stories close to her heart. The collection was published exclusively on the Storytel website in the context of Great Princess Party Which emphasizes the princesses’ core values ​​of courage and help.

Cooperation with National Children’s Hospitals

In order to convey the courage that Disney Princesses possess, The Walt Disney Company works with children’s hospitals in Belgium and the Netherlands and donates specially developed storybooks filled with the bravest princess stories to the brave children staying at the hospital. These story books have been developed in a way that provides a sense of security. Donating storytelling is part of Disney’s commitment to Children’s Hospitals to provide comfort, strength, and inspiration to critically ill children and their families.

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