Despite protest, the Dutch relay team with Paul still faces the United States in the final: ‘Unacceptable’ | the Olympics

Despite protest, the Dutch relay team with Paul still faces the United States in the final: 'Unacceptable' |  the Olympics

VideoThe 4x400m mixed relay team will face America in the final this afternoon (2.35pm), the favorite who was just disqualified yesterday. Because their plea was respected, it appealed to other nations again. So far unproductive. “We do not find this acceptable,” coach Ad Roskam said in a statement to the IAAF.

Bim Bell

By Bem Bell

Roskam, along with his fellow finalists, protested against the decision to disqualify the United States. “This decision was not (enough) substantiated by a jury), he says. The Dutch national team qualified for the final battle with Jochem Daubert, Lake Claver, Lisan de Witt and Ramsey Angela convincingly and in a strong Dutch record yesterday. America’s elimination increased the chances of getting On a medal The photos clearly show that the second runner exited the penalty area when switching.

However, according to the Americans, it was incorrectly placed there by one of the members of the race management. However, Roskam told De Telegraaf that the reversal was not “in accordance with regulations” for this reason. He also said that the final decision of the jury will likely become clear after the race, so the outcome of the final may not be final yet.

The plan that was always discussed was that the FIMC Ball obstacle detection would not come into effect on the 4x400m mixed. It was just reported that she will start, already a third runner. The whole team: Limarvin Bonifacia, Lake Claver, Paul and Angela Ramsey.

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Jochem Dauber and Leckie Claver. © ANP

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