My Samsung Neo QLED ad, More than just a TV, a vision for innovation

My Samsung Neo QLED ad, More than just a TV, a vision for innovation

Ironically, when you work in the media, you don’t have much time to watch TV. But as long as I’ve tested the Samsung Neo QLED TV, I’ve made time for it.

I watched the usual TV shows, but also reviewed the series I wanted to rediscover in a better light, literally. I also discovered gaming features that kept me awake longer than I like to admit.

Perhaps the only jobs I never had time to explore were productivity and working from home.

Samsung Neo QLED Lifestyle 7

But you can find out all of them in detail below or in person if you decide it’s time to get a new TV.

My conclusion in a nutshell: We should refer to the Neo QLED range as something other than TVs. Because I’m not (anymore) that. They are complex devices that do more than just display clear images for TV shows. You’ll soon see why I say this.

let’s start!

Neo QLED – Technology that revolutionizes the viewing experience

Technology is rapidly developing in all areas, and televisions are no exception. Do you remember the QLED series which is universally appreciated by experts and users? Well, the Neo QLED series is a more significant leap forward. All thanks to the new technology pioneered by Samsung, Quantum Mini LED.

Quantum Mini LED uses LEDs that are 40 times smaller than conventional lights. This means a higher resolution than anything I’ve seen so far on a TV, with the ability to adapt to room brightness and the type of image displayed.

After this experience, I suddenly gained more respect for the Game of Thones costume designers – this was the first time I could see their really cool details.

Next-level customization, innovative features and immersive design

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After testing this model, I recommend that you prepare to experience more than just a TV. Samsung Neo QLED represents the next level from all perspectives: the design helps it integrate more easily with the interior of your home, even with panels or decorative objects, and new functions make it a complex hub for entertainment, communication and productivity.

Samsung Neo QLED Lifestyle 5

Infinity One design It’s the first thing that amazes me since opening the box. The virtually borderless screen delivers a premium and elegant design and a captivating viewing experience.
You’ve got rid of the ugly cables!

Cutia Slim One Connect It can be attached to the back of Neo QLED 8K TVs and is a new cable management system, providing a functional, elegant and clean installation process as well as easier.

Personal experience at all levels! object tracking sound (OTS) Pro is an innovative feature of Neo QLED 8K TVs, which synchronizes omnidirectional sound with the dynamics of moving images on the screen.

complete the job SpaceFit’s voice, which adapts the emitted sound to the structure of the space in which the TV is installed. Thus, you will get a personalized experience both at the room level and at the level of the type of content being watched.

Another feature I admit I haven’t tested (me too)! I tried, but was caught (again!) by some soap opera I saw this time as if with different eyes. If you’re more athletic than me, you’ll like it Samsung HealthAvailable in 8K and 4K models, it has the power to turn your home into a true training room. This job completes it perfectly smart coach, who works as a personal trainer.

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Take gaming to a new level with the help of three unique functions of these TVs: Ultra fast GameView It offers the option to play in a 21:9 screen format, but also in a 32:9 ultrawide format, which is ideal for gamers who don’t want to miss a moment of action.

also, bar game It allows you to quickly monitor and adjust game settings. Do you want a perfect picture throughout the game? Then you will love the job FreeSync Premium Pro, which reduces the possibility of desynchronizing images.

Google Duo It is the preferred function for users who work from home or for whom productivity is very important. With it, you can use your phone to start a high-quality and high-speed video call. Up to 32 people can sign up for this call, no matter what operating system they’re using.

It also supports the productive function computer on tv, which allows you to connect a computer to the TV and work or learn from home using a mouse and keyboard connected to the TV. Moreover, you can access Microsoft Office 365 Directly on TV, through a web browser.

Discover here the many innovative features of Samsung Neo QLED TVs.

When innovation meets sustainability

We have left to the end the most important innovation in this area: the sustainable vision. If you, like me, are concerned about how your actions and consumption habits affect the environment, you’ll be happy to know Samsung shares that concern.

Lifestyle New QLED from Samsung 3

Samsung is committed to making its products have a minimal impact on the environment, and its Neo QLED TVs are a perfect example of that commitment. From the design and design stage, each product’s impact is carefully analyzed throughout its entire life cycle.

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For example, Quantum Mini LED technology is 11% more efficient, which means that these TVs are more energy efficient than those with classic LED panels. The Neo QLED QN90A TV Remote Control also works without classic batteries, and can be charged in sunlight or ambient light through the built-in solar panel.

Quantum Mini LED technology, which uses LEDs 40 times smaller than conventional ones, has also made it possible to create an ultra-thin TV, consuming fewer resources and materials than those using classic LED panels.

The backlight unit in these TVs and the power panel reduces power consumption by about 25%. Features like Motion Lighting and Eco Sensor also help conserve energy.
Even the packaging of Samsung’s new TV range is sustainable, so get ready for your first eco-friendly take out. The plastic used in the packaging is recycled, and the metal pins in the box have been replaced with adhesive so you can recycle the box more easily, or use it for pets.

In conclusion, if you want a truly premium TV that can change your perception of picture quality in a few hours, successfully replace your gaming monitor, but also do things you never thought a TV could make, the Samsung Neo QLED range is exactly what will complement your home.

New Samsung Neo QLED TVs are available on the Samsung Romania website. Buy Neo QLED TV until July 31 and you can get a voucher worth 2000 RON for more purchases. Plus, you have 20% off accessories!

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