De Jonge: Mouth Masks and a 1.5m Leave in September ‘Realistic’

De Jonge: Mouth Masks and a 1.5m Leave in September 'Realistic'

De Jong emphasized that it still depends on coverage of vaccinations and mutations. So beware of neglect. “You must observe one and a half meters as long as you are not vaccinated.”

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He described the second injection as “very important” for everyone who was vaccinated with vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca, because the vaccines provide better protection against the new variants of the virus.

De Jong said that to vaccinate as many people as possible, mobile injection sites are used here, just as they are in Germany. This relates to buses that are temporarily located in a specific location. This is necessary in some neighborhoods where immigrants or people with low illiteracy live. We want to increase vaccination coverage not only in general, but there as well.

The Cabinet assumes that adults who want to be vaccinated will get their first injection in mid-July. Initially it was the beginning of July, but this date has changed due to delivery issues.

Next Saturday, many measures will already be released (in part), and according to the Cabinet, the Netherlands will “virtually” come out of lockdown. The next step will be taken on June 30th, and more festoon bases will be removed from the table.

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