Dave S02E01-02: niche-quality comedy | De Lagarde

Dave S02E01-02: niche-quality comedy |  De Lagarde

At the beginning of the second season, Dave (Dave Burd plays a fictional version of himself) tries to win over the South Korean audience at the South Korean Music Awards. Millions of Koreans will watch him hand out an award with a K-pop label and the rapper is very nervous. The trapped cat also makes weird jumps, so Dave takes a picture with the wrong people and to make matters worse, the collaboration with pop star CL is called off.

But it could be worse: Dave’s new trainee translator, who is also on the flight, turned out to have not completed his two-year military service in South Korea – despite the fact that the best man grew up in the United States. So he ran into a problem, with Dave’s laptop thinking it contained his new songs. What’s usual for Dave though is that nitwit won’t admit until the prison, where the intern is being held, that his laptop is empty and that he’s been eating his nose for the past few months – other than he has a number in South Korea. I wrote about… defecation in South Korea.

Now, however, he has to do without a translator. This creates problems: How do you ask a taxi driver to open the window because you farted? Dave is again awesome (but wonderfully) nice in this regard. And who would have thought, based on a scene from Episode Two, that you could catch women who have an automatic tone? The resourceful Dave showcases his talents as a magician. Although he still yearns for Ally (Taylor Misiak), he’s too narcissistic to tell her.

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In that respect, Dave is more than he was in season one a true magnet for misery. And that misery yields humor again, the rapper knows that all too well. It is hoped that he will be allowed to continue the comedy. Hardly anyone watches it in the United States. But this is often the case with high-quality niche comedies.

Dave S02, from August 26, 2021 at Ziggo Movies & Series

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