Dave Chappelle gets a lot of support during the show in London

Dave Chappelle gets a lot of support during the show in London

Dave Chappelle, 48, had told audiences during a show in London that he would be touring 10 different cities in the US if Netflix decided to remove his latest show ‘The Closer’ from the streaming service. Dave came under fire after a number of Netflix employees objected to what they saw as offensive comments to the LBGTQ+ community. This “Variety” reports.

“He’s definitely not against them and that’s why it’s a shame that this is taken.”

While there was a protest at Netflix’s Los Angeles headquarters over dissatisfaction with Dave’s show and the company’s position, more than 3,500 visitors in London showed their support for Dave on his show. “I think everyone has the right to have their own opinions, and as a comedian, your job is to make people laugh. I don’t feel like he means any harm, quite the opposite. Dave wants to make people think and he achieves this by making controversial statements. One visitor said: “He has had a lot to do with racism and is trying to establish that connection with the transgender community. He’s not against them at all and that’s why it’s a shame that it is interpreted that way.”

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Another says:the closest It gives a very modern look at what’s going on right now and Dave speaks candidly and honestly. In my opinion he is one of the best comedians out there right now, if not the best. It would be insane for words if you, as a comedian, were no longer allowed to demolish holy houses, then what is the function of this job? The fact that his new show has been the talk of the town for weeks, and even sparked protests, shows that he is able to spark a topical conversation.”

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A black gay couple said they don’t recognize themselves because of the anger that has grown up in America around Dave. Absolutely not. We don’t find him offensive or rude at all. His job is to motivate people and make people aware of something and they’ve obviously succeeded. If you can’t laugh at his jokes, just watch something else but please wait stop those trivial things. There are more significance in the world of it.”

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