“Dangerous toys are easy to sell on Bol.com” | the interior

"Dangerous toys are easy to sell on Bol.com" |  the interior

Third-party sellers can easily sell games on the Bol.com shopping platform that does not meet the safety requirements. Among other things, toys that children can choke on or products containing harmful substances can be sold in the online store.

According to research conducted by TV Show radar (Aphrotros). The program created its own store and sold toys imported from China without the CE mark via Bol.com. This is a mandatory European quality mark for many products and guarantees that the product meets certain safety conditions. Bol.com currently works with more than 49,000 external sales partners.

According to the TV show, Bol.com has not verified if the games have the correct quality mark. radar Receipt of an order, among other things, for a musical instrument that a European quality controller found to be dangerous to children because the bells on the instrument go off easily. Toys containing dimethylformamide, cyclohexanone and triethylenediamine have also been placed on the online store, which can cause irritation to the eyes and mucous membranes.

Consumers Association is concerned. Spokesperson Gerard Sperenberg: I ​​didn’t expect the system to be so leaky. This makes no sense at all.”

Bol.com said in response that the responsibility for the quality of the item offered rests with the party that purchased and offered the item. In other words: with the outside seller. “He also has the most first-hand knowledge of the article,” the company said. “Once you become a bol.com partner, you will be aware of the applicable rules and legislation that must be adhered to when selling to the consumer. †

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