Dad gets a huge tattoo similar to a son’s birthmark on his chest

Dad gets a huge tattoo similar to a son's birthmark on his chest

A father in Canada went to great lengths to help his son feel more confident.

In fact, Derek Bro Sr., from Alberta, Canada, spent 30 hours getting a replica of his son’s birthmark tattoo, which covers a large portion of his chest.

Pro told CBC News that he decided to get a tattoo when he noticed that his son, Derek Bro Jr., 8, would not go swimming without wearing a shirt.

“I knew he was aware of that,” Bro said. “I saw how he was reacting, and it made me want to do it so that he wouldn’t be the only one.”

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Prue got his tattoo at the Juicy Quill Tattoo in Stony Plain, Alberta. The owner, Tony Gebert, told CBC he’s glad he helped Prue encourage Derek.

Derek Bro Sr. (right) got a tattoo matching his son’s birthmark (left) on his chest.
(Tony Geibert from Juicy Cowell Tattoo)

“I think it’s amazing how you were able to comfort your son in this way,” said Gebert. “It’s more than just your son seeing your name, or something, you can actually, like, change the way he feels about himself.”

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However, the process was not a walk in the park.

In total, it took about 30 hours over six to eight weeks to complete the tattoo.

“He was just sitting for it,” Gebert said. “It’s very painful.”

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Pro told the news outlet he wasn’t really expecting it to take so long.

“It was good to do it,” said Bro. It was a long process to do so. I thought it would be, for example, a few hours. “

He added, “I am glad I did not know how long it would take.”

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Regardless, she told Pro CBC that the long hours and pain were worth it.

“Now we have the same signs for life,” he said.

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