Why an 11-year-old was recorded on Bills QB Josh Allen | Buffalo Bills News | NFL

Why an 11-year-old was recorded on Bills QB Josh Allen |  Buffalo Bills News |  NFL

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Josh Allen will salute O’Shea Children’s Hospital on Sunday for “My Case, My Ties”.

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Bills midfielder Josh Allen got some help designing his stalls for Sunday’s game against Tom Low’s 11-year-old Pittsburgh Steelers from South Buffalo.

Luo, who attends City Honors, spent 18 days last summer at Oishei Children’s Hospital after an eye injury traveled to his brain, necessitating two surgeries.

Allen, who works closely with the hospital, linked with Low when they discussed the third season version of “Stranger Things” on Netflix.

So when the midfielder needed some help with the design process for NFL’s “My Cause, My Cleats” campaign, he asked his teammate.

During a video call on Friday, Allen Low showed off the final product.

“I have some really cool things to show you, are you ready for it? Your design is amazing. I’ll have the coolest stadiums on the field on Sunday, I promise.”

Allen’s White Nikes has green, yellow, and red stripes on the exterior. The name Low is on the insides of both shoes. Allen’s favorite part is found on the back, which makes sense after Low explained how he came up with the design.

He said, “I looked for some pictures on the internet of the children’s hospital and the main thing I noticed was on the sides, they had rainbow lines, so I got the idea to do these lines like that.” “In the back you see angel wings and I said to put them on because I thought that nurses are like angels there because they are so kind and caring.”

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