Apple Watch 7 update: release date, price, potential features, mind-leak technology

Apple Watch 7 update: release date, price, potential features, mind-leak technology

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Apple Watch 6 is one of the best smartwatches ever made, but Apple aims to add more to its amazing innovation with the Apple Watch 7.

Ahead of the upcoming Apple smartwatch release, there are details leaked to increase public expectations.

Apple Watch 7 is the next wearable technology from Apple and is rumored to be released in September 2021. The watch is likely to cost around $ 399 or £ 379.

Apple Watch 7 details

According to 9to5Mac, an analyst with a proven track record of Apple information, Ming-Chi Kuo has suggested that the public get their hands on the new Apple Watch late next year.

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For years, Apple launched the new Apple Watches in September and that has always been its proven track record. Even with all the disruption this year’s coronavirus pandemic has caused, there is still a great chance that Apple will go ahead with its September 2021 release.

As for the cost, there is no news about it yet but Apple is also known for its price compatibility. The Apple Watch 6 retails for $ 399 or £ 379.

Although there have been some price fluctuations across the last few models, they are all in the same pitch, so the Apple Watch 7 might cost roughly the same.

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Apple Watch 7 leaks

As for the leaks, there is not much yet, but there are rumors and speculation published by amateurs and analysts from Apple. Even Apple CEO, Tim Cook, said during an appearance on the Outside podcast that there are a lot of innovations left to go in the early days.

While Cook’s description of the Apple Watch 7 is very vague, his talk of the body’s sensors suggests that they plan to focus on health and fitness features.

Cook’s statement aligns with claims by Ming-Chi Kuo, who predicted that the momentum of a new Apple Watch shipment in 2021 “will benefit from innovative health management functions and enhanced form factor design,” according to Mac Romors. .

From this statement, it appears that the Apple Watch 7 may contain new health features and a new design. The massive change is likely to happen in the design, as Kuo also mentioned that there will be a major change in the form factor design of the smartwatch.

Although he said this will arrive on Apple Watch models in late 2021, it is possible that we will not see any design change until a later model.

The Apple Watch 7 strap can also change as a patent detailing strap with a battery inside, which can help increase the watch’s battery life. But the ideas in patents aren’t usually used, so they still might not be added.

The Touch ID fingerprint scanner could be added to future Apple watches. Apple appears to be exploring ways to apply matte black to the oxidized metal for its watches and smartphones so that the Apple Watch 7 can be presented in a different color.

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