D66 members express support for nitrogen plans at party convention

D66 members express support for nitrogen plans at party convention

The ruling D66 party wants the nitrogen agreements to be fully implemented, despite criticism from provinces and farmers. This became clear at the party conference in Den Bosch. “In our country, the rules of the rule of law apply, not the right of the trigger,” said party leader Jean Paternot. Party leader Kaag praised VV de van der Waal, saying that, despite the threats, she “sticks to what she knows is right”.

Paternott called the Cabinet “do not cripple the counties.” “This government is finally daring to take action and will cut emissions in half by 2030.”

Paternut called the Netherlands “the meat factory of the world”. “Nitrogen emissions here are so high that nature has been destroyed and the judge is forbidding us to build more homes.” That is why nitrogen emissions must be rapidly reduced, he said. He also believes that nature must be restored, farmers must be offered a sustainable alternative and homes must be built for young people.

In addition, the party chief said that “misbehavior of threatening farmers” should not be rewarded. He thinks foreman Mark van den Auver of the Farmers Defense Force is beyond all bounds. “In our country, the rules of law apply, not the law of the tractor.”

* Unacceptable threats

During the conference, Minister Kaag paid tribute to VVD Minister Christian van der Waal (Nature and Nitrogen) in her speech. “In a difficult situation and under a lot of pressure, you stick to what’s right.”

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The D66 members also appeared to support the nitrogen plans earlier this afternoon. They unanimously approved a motion calling on the House of Representatives to support Minister van der Waal’s plan. The adoption of the proposal led to applause from the members.

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