Cyberpunk 2077 & 8 other great video games Keanu Reeves appears in

Cyberpunk 2077 & 8 other great video games Keanu Reeves appears in

Cyberpunk 2077 It officially dropped on December 10. The role-playing game, which takes place in the fictional district of Night City, has always been highly anticipated by fans of CD Projekt Red’s the magician Franchise, and also by fans of all things cyberpunk.

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Cyberpunk 2077 In Night City, players take on the roles of multiple character classes, including rock boys, medtechs, killers, and more. Not to mention Keanu Reeves, who is featured in the game as Johnny Silverhand, a charismatic rock boy. Keanu Reeves is no stranger to lending his voice and looks to video games, having presented his talents for hits like The Path Of Neo, PayDay 2, Fortnite, In addition to the following addresses.

9 The Adventures of Bill and Ted

The Adventures of Bill and Ted He was released again in 1991 when Bill and Ted were all the rage. As with most films turned into video games, The Adventures of Bill and Ted It wasn’t a great game. It featured anti-climate stories, and the game doesn’t allow players to meet many historical characters from the movies. We’re forgiving Keanu here, even though her early 1990s video game appearance is commendable. Plus it’s Keanu Reeves, right?

8 John Wake Records

Nobody saw Keanu Reeves’ renaissance coming. After playing Neo in the hugely successful Matrix series, many thought Keanu might never be able to shake off being just Neo. Boy, were they wrong.

In 2014, Reeves scored to play John Wake, an orphan who was taken over by Tarasov’s Russian mafia and raised as a killer. Reeves, who appears to be growing up like a goblin, has reinvented himself as a fan favorite, in three John Wake movies, with more on the way, and a video game called John Wake Records. The game is a fun, albeit outlandish, first-person shooter VR developed for HTC Vive.

7 It is an electronic game

Mega battle royale developers, It is an electronic gameThey nearly ran into a bunch of problems again in 2018 when they updated the game to include a character called “The Reaper”. The thing is, this character looks a lot like Keanu Reeves in John Wick.

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Of course while many Epic Games fans praised this bold move, It is an electronic game He was not officially able to link “The Reaper” with John Wick.

6 Payday 2

Beside of John Wake Records or John Wick: Hex–More on this later–Payday 2John Wick DLC content captured what movie fans really like about the character. in a Payday 2Fantastic DLC, players can play as the blockbuster character in different scenarios very similar to the action scene in the movie trilogy.

DLC features two missions, high-octane shooting, in which players see them take on a mission to save the film’s keeper, Sharon. The game’s second mission is more stealthy and puts players on a mission that involves the assassination of a corrupt political.

5 The Matrix: Path of Neo

The Matrix: Path of Neo It was released on PS2, Xbox, and PC again in 2005, just two years after the third film in the trilogy, The Matrix: Revolutions, Niu’s story concluded. Developed by Shiny Entertainment, the game has received mixed reviews from game critics, but 94% of Google users say they like the game.

two years ago New Way Release, Enter the matrix On the shelves, though, fans were disappointed when they couldn’t play Neo. In 2005, fans finally got a chance to fill up on Neo’s coat and combat boots. The graphics were ready for time, and the combat system gave players the ability to recreate Neo’s coolest moves as featured in the movie trilogy.

4 John Wake: Hex

John Wake: Hex Not by any means the kind of game it expected it to be. Instead of being a fast-paced shooter, Hex features a strategic gameplay that sees players take part in resource management and schedule strategy.

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Players Wick move through a series of moves and strategic actions, making the game slow and reminiscent of chess.

3 Constantine

ConstantineWhile the crowd has not received well-received praise from critics – and yes, the video game is an obligatory peg. However, for fans of Reeves, Constantine He is an actor worthy of appearance.

The game takes players through several levels, where they can score the highest score while killing demons. The game even features two of Reeve’s famous grunts slaying demons. While the game looks like a Max Payne Clone, it’s still fun for movie fans and gamers who enjoy horror-themed video game experiences.

2 Dracula by Bram Stoker

Many might not know this, however, before Reeves debuted as the lead star in SpeedHe took on several serious roles. One of these roles was in 1992 Dracula, Directed by Francis Ford Coppola, with Reeves playing Jonathan Harker.

Of course, there was a hookup on SNES, which showed the Reeves character more than the movie character. Players play Harker as he kicks various vampire enemies with butts.

1 Cyberpunk 2077

Such as Cyberpunk 2077 Finally, we finally left Keanu Reeves’ best appearance. When it was announced at E3 2019 that Keanu Reeves would be appearing in CD Projekt Red’s long-awaited RPG, the internet exploded once again with the love of the beloved star John Wake And the The matrix.

The cultural phenomenon brought about by the surprise appearance at E3 2019 will not be forgotten soon. In fact, players will only discover if Reeve’s appearance as Johnny Silverhand lives up to the energy level of Baba Yaga or Neo after they have played through the game, and we have a feeling that the internet is going to go crazy again.

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