Croatia’s applause in Brussels: the euro may be introduced in 2023 | Financial issues

Croatia's applause in Brussels: the euro may be introduced in 2023 |  Financial issues

The Croats would like to replace the Kuna with the Euro next year. The European Commission and the European Central Bank have yet to make a ruling on joining the eurozone. Both institutions gave the green light on Wednesday. Now the other member states and the European Parliament have yet to agree. This is not expected to cause any difficulties, meaning that Croatia could become the 20th eurozone country next year.

The Committee, the Executive Council of the European Union, commends the active economic and monetary integration of the former Yugoslavia into the European Union. “Congratulations, Croatia!” said President Ursula von der Leyen. “In the less than a decade since Croatia joined the European Union, it is ready to join the euro, our common currency, on January 1. This will boost Croatia’s economy, as well as make the euro stronger.”


All EU countries are obligated to adopt the euro. This does not apply to Denmark, which got an exception in 1992 because the population is strongly against the introduction of the euro.

Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Sweden do not yet meet the requirements. This is a downer, especially for Bulgarians, there are willing to participate in the common currency. The Danes do not need to adopt the euro. They made an exception in the Maastricht Treaty due to a lack of support among the population.

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