Criticism of decision: ‘KLM could have done it differently’

Criticism of decision: 'KLM could have done it differently'

This week, KLM announced that NS Senior Woman Marjan Rentel will succeed Peter Elbers. The CEO of the railroad company is immediately challenged.

Pieter Bootsma and Rintel would be the best candidates to take on the Elbers job. Reportedly, Air France-KLM CEO Ben Smith, who could extend his contract by five years soon after Rintel’s announcement, favored Botsma as CEO. The staff share this preference. In fact, Bootsma was believed to be the new CEO of KLM. It turns out the opposite is true. “Rentel has to prove itself. Kris van Elswiek, president of the Dutch Cabin Crew Association (VNC), said Botsma has been tried and tested and has been in Paris for some time.” Volkskrant

Morgan Rentel can start as KLM’s best woman from July 1, 2022 © NS

Smith argues for Air France-KLM centralization. The Supervisory Board (SB) has moved Rintel forward to ensure that KLM retains its control. The best NS woman can start immediately from July 1, 2022. “She has to stand up for our independence, so we can raise our own clothes. We don’t want to become a regular service to Paris,” van Elswick continues.

New CEO of KLM

At the beginning of January, news emerged that Elbers would not start a third term. The decision is said to have been taken “after proper consultation”. A successor will be sought in peace and quiet. Possible candidates at the time included Herna Verhagen, a prominent PostNL woman, Rabobank’s number one Webby Drager, and head of transformation, Oltion Karkaccija, to take over as KLM’s CEO. Although Rintel has been named the best new woman in the company, KLM wants advice on the matter. The airline says the business board is “very upset at the moment of sharing” and is “frustrated” that the advice should be given “so openly”.

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Van Elswijk thinks the date doesn’t deserve a beauty award. “Morgan has to correct something, although she can’t help that the procedure may not have gone well. It is unfortunate that the argument with the Works Council is going on in front of the stage. KLM could have done it differently,” says VNC President.

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