Crisis measures owner tax under discussion again: ‘The task is too great’

Crisis measures owner tax under discussion again: 'The task is too great'

Mohamad Baba, chairman of Haag Wonen, a company with more than 21,000 homes, says eliminating the tax would immediately give the company room to build more than a hundred homes a year. “The money is now being taken away from the resources that a company has to play a role in in the housing crisis. The task is very big.”

Aedes, the association of housing associations, wants the tax to disappear so more homes can be built and made more sustainable. “This tax on social rental housing is hampering companies in their primary mission, which is public housing.” Aedes has opposed the tax since its introduction.

shortage of 24 billion

Research conducted by the Ministry of the Interior last year showed that housing associations will be less than 24 billion euros in 2035 if the current policy continues. In the coming years, companies will be able to benefit from their shares, but from 2024 the first companies will experience financial difficulties.

Prof. Boelhauer: “It is clear that companies will be short on money in the future. They are facing huge challenges. They have to adjust rents, make them more sustainable and build new homes. All of this has to be financed.”

In this summer’s debate, Minister Ollongren, who is in charge of housing, said the owner tax for housing associations is no longer viable. “The space for their investments is eroding.” I felt that something had to change in the short term.

they change?

The argument behind the tax is that it prevents a budget gap. Otherwise, the lost income must be obtained from somewhere else. Moreover, VVD was the only party in the electoral platform that stuck to the tax and this party became the largest in the elections.

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However, the party is now ready to negotiate, although the VVD’s complete abolition of the owner’s tax still goes a long way. In any case, it seems that the shipment will be modified. How and to what extent this will happen remains uncertain.

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