COVID-19: WHO needs “more than just a press release” on the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine trial | UK News

COVID-19: WHO needs "more than just a press release" on the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine trial |  UK News

The World Health Organization (WHO) said it needs “more than one press release” about the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine in order to evaluate the trial results.

“What we’ve seen is a press release,” said Vaccination Director Dr. Kathryn O’Brien at a WHO press conference on Friday.

“The most important next step really is that the data needs to be evaluated based on more than just a press release.”

Oxford / AstraZeneca issued a press release on Monday

It was the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine Revealed on Monday For up to 90% efficacy when administering a half dose, followed by a full dose.

Dr. O’Brien added: “There is only – first of all – a limited amount that can be said in a press release.

Second, it really needs a review in terms of data and questions asked about data that might emerge in the course of the review.

“It is difficult to assess this.

“I think what we can emphasize is that from what we understand about the press release, there is definitely something interesting that has been noted.

“ However, there are many reasons that could underlie the differences observed.

Of course, more information is needed and this includes assessments of the immune response in the trial as well.

“So I think it’s too early to say anything about what we are making with data.

“And what is needed next – what we really need to see – is more than just a press release and really see the data and have the opportunity to ask the required questions.”

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Was detected Earlier on Friday That the UK regulator has been asked to evaluate the vaccination developed in Oxford.

The UK government has ordered 100 million doses of the punch.

AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot said finding that a half dose followed by a full dose was too effective was an accident.

Two full doses of the vaccine have proven to be 62% effective. When the mean of the two different trials was calculated, the efficacy was 70%.

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