Could spirit break records at the US box office?


Recently, viewership rating agency Nielsen announced this Spirit 16.7 billion minutes were watched in the US between December 25 and 27.

Based on that, her business magazine Forbes Calculated how much the movie could have fetched at the box office during its US opening weekend.

Forbes Presumably all Disney + subscribers who go to Spirit He started watching the whole 99 minutes movie or until the beginning of the end credits around 90 minutes.

If true, it will be Spirit In its “opening weekend” it was viewed 15.6 to 18.9 million times. With a movie ticket in the United States costing an average of $ 9.37 last year, the movie could have grossed 146 to 177 million dollars at the box office.

That would Spirit better than Find my Dory ($ 135 million) is probably as good as The Incredibles 2 ($ 182 million).

The Incredibles 2 at Find my Dory It ranked 1st and 2nd on the US Animated Film’s Most Successful Weekend List Spirit So he likely shot the record.

Moreover, it can Spirit They set the record for best appearance for an original animated film. This is currently on behalf of The Secret Life of Pets ($ 104 million).

Forbes He adds, however, that not everyone uses it Spirit On Disney + I saw the movie in theaters. Plus, a family of five only paid for their $ 7 Disney + subscription Spirit Instead of about $ 45 in movie tickets.

Bron: Forbes

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