Coronavirus: The Teachers Syndicate calls for a “circuit breaker” for a period of two weeks over the half-semester UK News

Pupils sit apart during a socially distanced lesson

The Teaching Union has called for an urgent circuit breaker during the half-term in October, which will see high schools and colleges close for two weeks in England.

The National Education Union (NEU), Britain’s largest union of teachers, said the move could help the government “get control of the testing, tracking and tracking system, and reduce cases to allow the system to function better”.

The call comes after data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) showed an average of 27,900 new arrivals Corona Virus Cases a day between 2 and 8 October.

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The union also called for providing free school meals for underprivileged students in the event of a break in the electrical circuit

“Presidents, teachers and school staff understand the educational impact of this, but we also understand that in accelerating epidemics, early action is essential,” said Kevin Courtney, NEU Joint Secretary-General.

“Taking action now can avoid further disruption at a later time.

the above Covid-19 Infection rates remain in England among young people and high school students, according to ONS data released Friday.

“This shouldn’t come as a surprise to the prime minister or the Ministry of Education – scientists have told them that high school students are transmitting the virus like adults,” Courtney said.

He added, “We have warned them about that because we have one of the biggest classes in Europe We have overcrowded classrooms and hallways without effective social distancing.

“Our classrooms are often poorly ventilated which leads to airborne transports, and in many areas we also have crowded school transportation as children mix through the bubbles of the Year’s collection.

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“These children live in families and are part of communities, so even if they show few or no symptoms, they are still part of spreading the virus to others, including teachers and other school staff.”

NEU has also called on the government to ensure the expansion of free school meals for disadvantaged students if a Circuit breaker It occurs during the half-term period.

Scientists have them Recommended circuit breaker shutdownBut this approach was not taken by the prime minister.

On Tuesday, Sir Kerr Starmer Called to the circuit breaker In England, he accused the government of “losing control” over the coronavirus pandemic.

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