Coronavirus cases continue to fall: 30% fewer hospital admissions

Coronavirus cases continue to fall: 30% fewer hospital admissions

This is evident from the latest weekly numbers published by RIVM. In the past week, the number of people self-testing for GGD has decreased.

The percentage of positive tests dropped to 7.5 percent, last week it was 8 percent.

Positive tests have been reported

Significant decrease in hospital admissions

This decline is also reflected in hospitals. The number of new hospital admissions was 213 this week, compared to 306 last week. The number of new admissions to intensive care decreased from 68 to 56.

Hospital occupancy rates have also decreased. Occupancy fell below 500 for the first time since July 23. According to the National Coordination Center for Patient Distribution (LCPS), there are currently 475 COVID-19 patients in hospital. 321 of them are in the nursing department and 154 are in intensive care. Last week, there were a total of 578, of whom 200 were in intensive care.

Nursing department and intensive care function

8 out of 10 Dutch people have been vaccinated

More than 83 percent of the population age 12 or older have received at least one vaccine, according to figures from the National Institute of Public Health. Nearly 80 percent of the Dutch population has been fully vaccinated.

There are still significant differences between the different regions. In Urk, for example, only 26 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. In Staphorst, Neder-Betuwe and Reimerswaal, the vaccination rate is between 50 and 60 percent. The map below shows how your municipality operates.

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