Corona numbers: The increase in the number of injuries decreases slightly

Corona België

The new figures on Sciensano’s dashboard show that the increase in the number of new coronavirus infections is decreasing again after a period of increases. There is a slight decrease in hospitalizations, but a slight increase in the number of deaths.

After increasing the number of new infections in our country for days, a decrease can now be noticed there for the first time. Yesterday it was an increase of 16 percent, and today that increase is decreasing to 13 percent.

An increase in the number of injuries slows down

Between December 10 and 17, an average of 2,547 new cases of coronavirus were diagnosed each day. This represents an increase of 13 percent compared to the previous period. This increase is in a slight decrease. Yesterday it was an increase of 16 percent. In the past week, the number of infections has increased every day. On Monday, for example, it was a 3 percent increase, which was increasing every day. On Saturday it was already 15 percent and on Sunday at 16. But now that looks like that has finally changed.

More and more coronavirus tests are being done every day. It is now over 37,500 a day. It’s been hot since November 8th, that number was above 37,000. The percentage of positivity, or the percentage of those tests that give positive results, is now 7.84%. This is again a slight decrease compared to yesterday. Then that number was 7.99%. In total, our country already has 625,930 cases of corona.

The number of hospital admissions is decreasing

Hospital admissions now average 179.3 per day. This is a decrease of 3 percent. According to experts, this should be 75 per day in order to be able to consider mitigation.

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Yesterday, there were a total of 2,543 hospitalized patients with Coronavirus infection. That was 20 more than the day before and represented a 1 percent increase. In our country, the intensive care units have 544 beds occupied by Corona patients. This is 3 more than the day before and also corresponds to a 1 percent increase.

The number of deaths is increasing (very little)

The number of deaths from the Corona virus is increasing very slightly. This now relates to an average of 92.7 deaths per day. This represents an increase of 0.2 percent compared to the previous seven-day period.

In all, 18,626 people have already died in our country from the consequences of infection with the Coronavirus.

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