Corona news: 410 people with corona in Brabant hospitals

Tester Youssef ordent buisjes met daarin afgenomen coronamonsters (foto: Joris van Duin).

We will keep you updated on the latest developments in the field of Corona crisis in Brabant and beyond on Christmas Day.

11.50 – Tips for a Christmas walk in Corona time
Furniture streets are closed by Corona this Christmas and many people want to take a stroll in the nature to get some fresh air. But then she gets very busy in the woods again. Omroep Brabant offers five tips for a leisurely stroll (eh) during Christmas.

11.35 – 46 new Corona patients have been admitted to Brabant Hospitals
In the past 24 hours, 46 new Corona patients have been admitted to Brabant Hospitals. A total of 410 Corona patients are hospitalized in our province. Three patients died in Corona in the past 24 hours. Six patients were transferred to other hospitals. 46 patients were discharged from the hospital.

11.20 – PSV coach Roger Schmidt takes his mother home
The German says this in a look back at in his first six months as PSV coach. He always had basic playing problems which made his job even more difficult. He and his wife had already contracted Corona, so he took his mother home “to protect her, which is an advantage,” he told PSV observer, Job Willems.

8.15 – London deploys soldiers for Corona tests
The British government will send an additional 800 troops to the southeastern Kent region on Christmas Day to conduct coronavirus tests on truck drivers intending to cross to the mainland. The BBC reported that 300 military personnel were already conducting tests.

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6.09 – The number of corona injuries decreased in Germany
The number of new Coronavirus infections in Germany has decreased during the past 24 hours to 25,533 new cases. In the previous day, 32,000 new infections were added. In the past 24 hours, 412 patients died. The day before there was almost double the number.

3.30 – Belgium requires foreigners to test negative for Corona
The Dutch and other foreigners who go to Belgium from Christmas Day should be able to show a negative result for the Corona test. The result should not be older than three days and only apply to people who plan to spend more than 48 hours in Belgium. There are special border controls for this.

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