Coordinator purchased mouthguards: Dealing with Van Lienden was not necessary

Coordinator purchased mouthguards: Dealing with Van Lienden was not necessary

The former coordinator of the National Tool Association (LCH), Rob van der Kolk, is outraged by the behavior of Sywert van Lienden and his business partners regarding the delivery of face masks. on a radio show NOS with a view of tomorrow Van der Kolk first reacted to all the reports about the millions in profits that Van Lienden had booked by handing over mouthguards.

According to Van der Kolk, the entire agreement, worth about 100 million euros, was not necessary at all, because sufficient relief supplies had already been delivered. However, the Ministry of Health insisted. According to Van der Kolk, the agreement between Van Lienden and the ministry was made when the LCH was already in operation for twenty days. “We arranged flights, we arranged mouth coverings. Sometimes I would say: Sywert talks about it, we do it.”

According to van der Kolk, the fact that an agreement was reached was not necessary. “You’re in a dilemma: Do you want 98 or 99 percent certainty. We thought 98 percent was fine. But the Ministry wanted 99 percent. They said, ‘Buy, buy, buy.’ And we said, ‘It’s not necessary.'” Van der Kolk says it “definitely played a role” as there has been a lot of media attention for the lack of mouth coverings, among other things. Van Linden was frequently critical of the government.

Lying about the covenant

According to Van der Kolk, Van Lienden was not a reliable partner. For example, he lied about signing a charter that includes a non-disclosure agreement and that the two parties will operate on a non-profit basis.

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“Everyone signed this letter. I was told that they were there and that they had not signed that letter. Then I went there and asked if they had signed this letter. Then they said, ‘Yes, but I Then I thought: It’s not true, these people are lying.

Listen to the entire conversation below:

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