Controversial skunk Pepé Le Pew was not seen in Space Jam 2 | Currently

Controversial skunk Pepé Le Pew was not seen in Space Jam 2 |  Currently

The cartoon character Pepé Le Pew did not appear in the movie Space Jam 2. The Hollywood Reporter Monday’s reports said skunk in the French dialect, according to critics, normalizes the offending sexual behavior.

The commotion surrounding the character arose after that New York times I posted an opinion piece about problematic cartoon characters last Sunday.

The impetus for this piece was the news that six books by the well-known children’s author Dr. Suse will not be released anymore, as some characters are racially portrayed.

The opinion piece not only mentioned Pepé Le Pew, but also the character of Speedy Gonzales. In the series “Mexico’s Fastest Mouse”, Mexicans are often portrayed drunk and lazy.

Warner Brothers, that Space Jam 2 Release, Leave The Hollywood Reporter I know that a few years ago it was decided not to include Skunk in the movie. However, the movie company has never commented on this before nor does it say now why Pepé Le Pew was deleted.

Space Jam 2 He is the successor to Crowded place (1996), in which basketball legend Michael Jordan faces extraterrestrials alongside the Looney Tunes cartoon characters. In the sequel, basketball player LeBron James plays the lead role.

The film will be released in the United States in July.

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