Contactless Payment: More and More Frequent Credit Card Scams, UFC Que Choisir Alert

Contactless Payment: More and More Frequent Credit Card Scams, UFC Que Choisir Alert

Midi Libre informed you on May 16th of a new contactless payment scam that occurred on the Montpellier Tramway. UFC Que Chooser warns of dangers today.

The scammers will work on the trains, which are equipped with a baggage payment terminal (TPE), to initiate payment transactions. “They move in three or four, stick to people and more or less divert their attention,” a transmission network agent testified to us.

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In August 2019, the National Police had already warned tourists in Nice about a gang operating on the beaches. The thugs, equipped with a TPE device, would have acted by placing themselves near the towels of the vacationers to pull out the cards.

Limited risk to individuals

Actually, Contactless payments cannot exceed 50€Banks are required to enter a PIN of 150 euros for cumulative consecutive purchases or 5 consecutive transactions with a total value of less than 150 euros. In short, at worst, The fraudster can steal 150 euros from you. In practice, according to Chained duckAnd the 50 Euros are rarely stolen But more easily 5, 10 or even 15 euros broke on the subway or cinema line.

To avoid this mishap, La Banque de France recalls that “the use of a protective case prevents hacking attempts.” A case can be claimed from your bank, and is usually free.

Either way, even if you are a victim of fraud, don’t panic. As soon as you become aware of the fraud, notify your bank. It’s “obligated to compensate you without delay for unnecessarily collected fraudulent debts and fees., except where it shows that you have been particularly negligent in keeping your bank statements,” explains the Banque de France.

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Complaints are constantly increasing

Contactless payment has been greatly enhanced since the beginning of the health crisis.

This type of kidnapping is a completely different type of fraud perpetrated on the Internet, which is carried out by more organized and computer-savvy teams. Contactless payment theft within everyone’s reach, Francois Kring, Director of Product and Solutions at Verifiedone, who specializes in payment security methods with‘UFC what to choose.

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