Africa can do more and more by itself

Africa can do more and more by itself

Trade between Europe and Africa is generally underdeveloped. This does not apply to the floriculture sector. Suppliers bring knowledge and materials there, and ornamental growers from Holland, among others, have been active there for years. The association of “African” ornamental growers with the Dutch turntable appears to be dwindling; They are increasingly exporting directly to the end customer.

China and Japan have been active in Africa for years. They help African countries build infrastructure and in return they get important raw materials. However, the integration of Europe into Africa is not imminent. Peter Boma paints this picture at a promising HAS University of Applied Sciences in Africa symposium. Puma once worked as Area Manager for Africa at Royal FloraHolland for 11 years. Today, the part-time agribusiness consultant works as a consultant/lecturer at HAS.

Florius Flowers is a Dutch company active in Kenya and Ethiopia. Florius exports to many different countries and continents: Australia, Japan, the United States, Canada, Europe, China, the Middle East and Russia. Today, 33% of Florius flowers still pass through the Netherlands. 8 years ago it was 66% and 15 years ago it was 99%. Ethiopian director Van Kessel: “Africa can do more and more on its own. It is becoming more and more independent. It is important to monitor this trend. The role of Western countries in the African economy is declining.” (…)

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