Problems with a new British tank, training stopped

Problems with a new British tank, training stopped

In the UK, exercises with a new type of tank were stopped as a series of problems arose. The Ministry of Defense confirmed this after reports in the Daily Telegraph.

A report that the newspaper got its hands on said AJAX light vehicles should be able to drive at speeds of 65 kilometers per hour. Due to the presence of severe vibrations at high speeds, the speed should not exceed 32 kilometers per hour for safety reasons.

In addition, the crew may not spend more than an hour and a half at a time in the vehicle and must wear hearing protection during the flight. Until then, the crew must undergo a hearing test afterwards.

It was also found that the cannon does not work when moving and that it is impossible to overcome obstacles over 20 cm in height when reversing.


The report says that effective training is not possible because of all this. For this reason, according to the Ministry of Defense, a different variant of this vehicle is now being used, for which “appropriate safety measures” are taken.

According to the ministry, it is not surprising that the exercises were suspended. “This is a normal metric at this point in the project,” a spokesperson says. Find solutions with the manufacturer.

The order value of 589 cars from General Dynamics UK is more than 4 billion euros.

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