Consumers Association: Misleading online stores by selling undeliverable products | Economie

Consumers Association: Misleading online stores by selling undeliverable products |  Economie

Web stores sometimes attract customers with popular products that are no longer available at all. The Consumers Association complains about this, which continues to receive complaints about this, and therefore also conducted a survey.

People from the union ordered 22 devices from seven online stores that they suspected were unavailable because the products were too popular. Only two of the articles were eventually available. Stores often offered a different model, sometimes even without notice.

“It’s a hoax,” says Sandra Molinar, director of the Consumers Association. She notes that the Thuiswinkel Waarborg quality mark, to which a number of offenders belong, is also not free. , we have notified the Quality Mark, but they react succinctly when stores should resume and ensure they comply with the rules. This is not happening.”


pure deception

Sandra Molinar, Consumers Association

The organization, which is behind the quality mark, reports that it has not yet received any complaints about this problem through its complaints office. Web Store Trade Union Director Marilyn Ten Hamm points out that it’s not necessarily a complaint-worthy situation if people receive, say, a newer form than they actually ordered. But it acknowledges that it is misleading for online stores to provide incorrect information about their inventory. According to her, will follow suit. Ten Ham also states that consumers have the right to dissolve the purchase agreement if the requested product is no longer available.

The Consumers Association recently complained that online stores often compensate consumers too late or too little when products are returned. People from the Federation also did their own research.

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