Consequences of the limited strike on regional passenger transport

Consequences of the limited strike on regional passenger transport


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The consequences of the strike on the regional transport passenger appear to be limited today. The number of travelers affected by the strike varies by location.

Regional transport drivers are taking part in a nationwide strike organized by the FNV trade union. They are striking for a better collective labor agreement. Promotions last through Friday. Since not all FNV members are on strike, regional transfers are running in some places. CNV union members are also not on strike, because that union already signed the new collective labor agreement in June.

This morning, for example, there was no sign of a strike at the bus station in Harlem. According to NH Nieuws, nearly all important lines were running, and only one bus was cancelled.

Uncertainty among travelers

This image was confirmed by Connexxion, which tracks which buses are running and which are not. A spokesperson for the Harlem-Egmond district said 70% drive. “We hope it will remain that way in the coming days.”

The announced strike is raising uncertainty among travelers, such as two women who were waiting for the bus to IJmuiden. Someone says, “I hope he comes.” “We’re going to a theatrical show.”

“What a hassle again, I have to go to Zandvoort,” another woman sighed. “I’ve been traveling by bus for sixty years. I hope this goes away.”

Inconveniences for travelers differed by location:

Bus drivers on strike today? I didn’t know that’

The Ukrainian ship Titiana travels daily from Herhogovard to Egmund an den Hof, but is stranded in Alkmaar. “During the strike, there is often no information on the screens, so sometimes you have to wait for the bus for nothing. Fortunately, I have my books in Dutch with me to practice in the next lesson.”

She finds it annoying: “My daughter is visiting Holland, but I don’t know how to go home now.”

Every now and then, there’s a stroke of luck: the bus to Uitgeest showed up ten minutes late, surprising the travelers. The driver admitted: “It is not clear to the traveler every time. Sometimes the lines do not work due to lack of staff. Check the Internet before you start your journey, we try to update it constantly.”

Hinder Den Bosch is not so bad

In Den Bosch, too, the inconvenience seemed not so bad. At the bus station, some travelers were waiting for a bus that turned out not to be running, Omrup Brabant reports.

“I read about the strike, but the app said my bus would still run. Now it says it doesn’t work, so I’ll find another way to get home,” said a passenger who failed to get on the phone. The bus to Walwick was waiting.

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