Lidl now sells delicious Toblerone cake

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Do you also like chocolate, especially Toblerone? You will definitely want to try Lidl’s Toblerone cake.


Toblerone is a Swiss chocolate brand and the chocolate has a distinct mountain shape. Chocolate was formed after the Matterhorn in Switzerland. A chocolate bar is made up of triangles that you can break each of, but let’s be honest: Who really can stop at this one piece? Toblerone chocolate is available in different flavors and with different fillings. Consider, for example, a filling of nougat or honey. There is also a Toblerone cake and it will be available at Lidl next week.

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Lidl has sold a Toblerone cake before and the famous cake is available again this week. Delicious as a dessert after dinner with friends (suitable for 6-8 people), but of course also delicious to enjoy on your own while watching your favorite series. The cake will be available at Lidl from October 20 and costs only €3.99. It will run on Thursday.

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picture: Lidl

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