Confused man arrested for brandishing knife in Holland mall

Confused man arrested for brandishing knife in Holland mall

Police have arrested a confused man who entered a shop in the Mall of Holland (Leidschendam) with a knife. AD writes that an arrest team raided the shopping center this afternoon.

The man with the knife was hiding in the Kyldo Art & Design store. Police said there were no other people in the store at the time.

The police hired a negotiator to speak with the man. Police dogs were also used. Police said the man was arrested around 4:30 p.m. He was arrested and handed over to the care facility.”

An eyewitness standing outside saw several police cars and motorcycles parked at the side entrance on the Bcc side at about 3pm. The officers rushed inside and later returned to don body armor.

A spokesman for Westfield Mall in the Netherlands would not comment on the matter as it is the prerogative of the police.

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