Conclusion, “Cyclist Race Canada”: [Spoiler] Wins – winner of the first season [VIDEO]


Step aside, Sansa Stark, there’s the new Queen of the North. With Jimbo’s shouting still echoing throughout the workroom, Thursday’s season finale Drag Race in Canada (Now broadcasting on WOW Presents Plus) crowned the world’s first Canadian Drag Superstar.

In keeping with tradition, the remaining three queens – Priyanka, Rita Baga, and Scarlett Bobo – were tasked with recording their own poems and performing in RuPaul’s song, “You Wear It Well.” Judging from Priyanka’s confidence and attitude towards Rita’s singing and public presence on the runway, the queens were shooting in every sense of the word.

But we really need to talk about Scarlett, the only queen in the group who has never had to lip-sync her entire life this season; We didn’t know what to expect from her participation in this performance, and then we found ourselves pleasantly surprised. Moves. For. days! Here:

Then came the last show of the season, which found the queens showing off their best “Coronation Eleganza”. Rita presented a green-skinned alien fantasy in a matching glittering look; Scarlett wore a black dress that looked inspired by the Abbey Dawn prom collection. And Priyanka is dazzled in a beautiful lehenga, a celebration of her heritage.

But before the finalists learn their collective fate, however, they will have to face an even more terrifying group of the show’s judges: the excluded Nine Queens! Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on what you prefer), this mini-encounter was less dramatic than it could have been. Some of the queens said they expected to see Jimbo in the finals over Priyanka, while others expressed their surprise that Lemon was soon eliminated. Priyanka’s outrageous impression of Miss Cleo on Snatch was up for debate too – and for once, everyone agreed.

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Unable to pinpoint the two queens who should lip-sync the crown, the three finalists pit the referees against each other in a battle royale to the rhythms of Love Inc.’s “You’re a Superstar” song. And like the evening’s previous performances, the Three Queens killed this last challenge. If the judges were hoping for a magically clear candidate to emerge in the midst of the chaos, they were deeply mistaken.

However, the crown needed a head to rest on, and that head belonged to … Priyanka!

“I am living proof that hard work pays off, and that even when you make mistakes, you can still be a winner,” she said, kissing her crown and scepter. “To the kids watching, I know you’ve been watching me elsewhere, but now I’m at home. I’m the first drag star in Canada! I’m wealthy! I can represent the country all over the world. I’m so grateful, I’m so proud of being Canadian. I’ll make this The country is very proud. “

What do you think about Priyanka’s coronation? (54 percent of TVLine readers voted for it in our survey last week, so we’re expecting mixed results here.) Rank the freshman season on the program below, then Drop a comment with your opinion on the results.

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