Complaints about compulsory wealth control in autism, the Health Board is critical

Complaints about compulsory wealth control in autism, the Health Board is critical

This year, more than a hundred complaints were reported about mandatory psychiatric screening for people with autism wishing to obtain a driver’s license. This week, the Health Council advised the Council of Ministers to improve the quality of this medical examination.

The NVA director at the KRO-NCRV Research Program said the Dutch Autism Society received 112 complaints in four months. Pointer On NPO Radio 1.

“Still have autism?”

People diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) who are applying for a driver’s license are required to be examined by a psychiatrist and take an additional driving test. According to the Health Council, this includes about 7,000 people every year. The board concluded that some of them had tested the test as insufficient. This is supported by experts through experience Pointer Has spoken.

“Even before I could sit down, he asked: So, do you still have autism? Obviously, there are still specialists who don’t know that autism cannot disappear at all,” Mirth says of her experience with the CBR psychiatrist. “I found it very upsetting because this guy decides my future.”

Determine quality requirements

The Health Board “strongly recommends” the introduction of a standardized, fixed-rate modus operandi. According to the investigation committee, psychiatrists should also have quality requirements for examination. “This can help improve the quality of inspections and give the inspectors more certainty and clarity.”

The CBR is late Pointer They know in their response that they have no effect on the quality of medical examinations. Responsibility for this lies with the Health and Youth Welfare Inspectorate. However, they welcome initiatives to improve the quality of inspections.

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End of the compulsory driving test

By the way, the council advises to cancel the mandatory driving test for people with autism. This driving skills test is only necessary if the psychological examination gives a reason to do so, according to the advisory board. Because scientific research shows that autism spectrum disorder can have a negative and positive effect on a person’s leadership skills.

Outgoing Minister Cora Van Neuenhuisen notified the House of Representatives this week that it would adopt the Health Council’s advice.

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