Coming 2 America is the funny sequel that misses out on those extras

Coming 2 America is the funny sequel that misses out on those extras

From March 5 stands Upcoming 2 America On Prime Video. We had to wait a long time for a sequel to the genius comedy coming to America, and now it’s here. Read the review here Upcoming 2 America. is the first to watch all new On Demand movies and series. Read all our movie and series reviews here.

The new king Akim, the king of Zamunda, discovers he has a son who he lost long ago in the United States and must return to the continent to meet Zamunda’s unexpected heir to the throne. rating: ★★★
Although we are very happy that this movie is now finally in the world, we cannot say that we are very satisfied with the result. At the beginning of the movie, many jokes are repeated from the first and other films. Once the story begins, everything remains fine. Moreover, everything is relatively simple and funny. A movie you can’t skip, but you can really miss. 3 stars.

Next to Eddie Murphy (Dolemite is my name(And Arsenia Hall)Coming to America(She also plays Kiki Layne)If Bill Street could speak), Wesley Snipes (code(In Tracy Morgan)The night before) In this movie. This production is directed by Craig Brewer (The freewheeling (2011)).

As of March 5, 2021 Upcoming 2 America To watch on Prime Video. Genre: comedy. Duration: 110 minutes. IMDb score: 6.0.

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