Classes in the GP after the remaining vaccinations are notified by, the site takes measures

Classes in the GP after the remaining vaccinations are notified by, the site takes measures
The first injection will be given with the Janssen vaccine at the Rijksmuseum Boerhaave.ANP photo

The site was created to combat the so-called “pollen spill”: AstraZeneca injections left at the end of the day should not end up in the container, but in a willing arm. In the first report of remaining doses, about a hundred people immediately queued up for a GP at Gouda RTL News And the AD Groen Hart Thursday. Only a fifth of those present had a remaining vaccine.

Several GPs announced that they received a phone call this week about remaining doses that were not available at the time. The scarcity of the vaccine is one of the reasons why the Ministry of Health described the initiative as unwise.

According to Marlis Schegen, professor of surgery at UMC and one of the four initiators of the project, in the first week the enthusiasm for the remaining vaccines appears phenomenal. “We have more than a million visitors every day.” In light of this, it is not surprising that many ventured into Gouda on Thursday, Shijin believes. But you really want to limit the spam image. Doctors want to get rid of those remaining vaccinations, but they also want to keep doing their job.

According to Schegevin, there should be three measures capable of reducing crowds in the future (although this should not be overstated, as there is often a longer queue for Primark in Amsterdam). First of all, sites with vaccines available will now be visible on the Trash Vaccin website for a maximum of half an hour. For example, in all the hustle and bustle, general practitioners can’t forget to return the house blue (come get a shot) to orange (nothing to get it). Shigvin says the vaccines in Gouda were available for about an hour, because the GP was busy with the injections.

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The system previously indicated that a GP might release vaccines that day. This option has also been deleted. When the vaccines are launched, “you have half an hour to run,” says the professor of surgery.

In addition, site visitors can no longer zoom to the map on the home page. This was previously possible, so people can find out exactly which street in which city to get a vaccine. Now this can only be seen remotely: a site visitor can only see the area where a “blue” GP is. Data from practice is also lacking. Only when vaccines are available will GP’s address – without a phone number – be available on the Internet.

Visitors are still free to know which other place on the Internet the GP belongs to the “blue” address. But, Shijin stresses, you are not summoned about the availability of vaccines and do not travel from side to side with a naive motive. “It’s really the intention that only people in the neighborhood will go to a“ blue ”doctor, usually there will be fewer than ten vaccinations.

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