China is boycotting the Oscars because of two nominated films

China is boycotting the Oscars because of two nominated films

The Oscar nominations were announced earlier this week, but China did not receive them well. The Chinese government has now banned even all local media from showing live coverage of the Oscars in 2021.

What is the reason for this? Two candidate films shot China the wrong way, Do Not Split and Nomandland.

Do Not Split was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Short Documentary. The movie is about Hong Kong’s struggle against the Chinese government’s interference, which is not well-shot.

Despite the fact that Nomadland does not project a negative image of China, this movie has also been interrupted. The movie has already come under fire in China, with director Chloe Zhao saying last year that the United States is now her home, leading some to suspect that she no longer holds a Chinese passport.

In another interview, dating back to 2013, China described it asLand of liesIt suffices, then, for the Propaganda Department of the Communist Party of China to boycott this year’s Oscars. Chinese media are only allowed to report on the “uncontested awards”.

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