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(Image / taken from the official Nintendo website)

To take advantage of the new year, I just bought a Nintendo Switch console, the highlight, but I don’t know which games to play? The editorial team of foreign media recently recommended The Verge a list of ten must-play games for novice Switch players. From a rich selection of games, they carefully select the well-known and curated works preferred by the editorial team and best suited for everyday play. List the recommended reasons, you can also refer to them.

With the uninhabited island as the theme of the game, it features a cute, healing style from “Set!” “Animal Crossing Friends Club”, this game has been heavily discussed by Switch players since its launch last year. It combines resident animal gameplay with elements of social interaction, as well as rich content and various custom tools that are updated seasonally. It also brings more depth and texture to this game.

Animal Crossing Friends, this game has been heavily discussed by the majority of Switch players since its launch last year, and is the first choice for novice players (pictured on the official Nintendo website)

World Games 51, which is suitable for multiplayer fun, was released on June 5 last year. It offers a collection of 51 classic games from around the world, including: “Flower Cards”, “Backgammon”, “Othello”, “Checkers”, “Big Reach”, “Domino”, “Quick Solitaire”, “Rabbit and Dog” Fishing, Blackjack, etc. In addition to playing the Switch console as a gamepad, players can also connect to several nearby consoles. Additionally, it also supports online game mode to compete with friends or rivals around the world.

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“I have a coffee, do you have a story?” The critically acclaimed “Coffee Talk” game (supports the traditional Chinese version), is a text-based adventure game developed by an independent Japanese team, and features characteristics of treating people and exploring human nature, allowing the many players we are intrigued by. The player personifies as the owner of a cafe that opens only at midnight. In addition to being adept at brewing coffee and various drinks, entertaining guests and making requests, he also needs to listen to guests’ ideas and help alleviate their concerns. Roles include humans, there are also many unique fantasy races such as Orc and Mervolk.

“Super Mario 3D Collection” contains a total of 3 historical works of 3D Mario games, including: Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy. (Image taken from the official Nintendo website)

In addition to the three games mentioned above, there are also seven recommended games, including: the great action game “Hades”, “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” and suspense thinking. The puzzle games “Murder by Numbers”, “Pokémon Sword / Shield”, “Fitness Ring Adventure”, “Fighting Trio 4” and “Super” special were last year to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Mario’s 3D Mario group.

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