Security measures at Westfield Mall in the Netherlands

Security measures at Westfield Mall in the Netherlands

Leidschendam – Westfield Mall of the Netherlands, in close cooperation with retailers, has implemented a number of security measures as per RIVM guidelines to make shopping as safe as possible. In addition, Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield (URW) has partnered with Bureau Veritas * to take hygiene and safety to the next level, based on the latest recommendations from health authorities.

Busy calendar
Visitors to Westfield Mall of the Netherlands are clearly informed of current procedures throughout the shopping center and receive instructions from staff when necessary. Emphasis is placed on taking each other in consideration and respecting the 1.5 meter distance. So that it can be ensured that the shopping can still be appropriately feasible. In addition, visitors can inform themselves at home via Druktekalender (at about quiet, busy and busy shopping moments; And about open stores.

Digitale “Stay Safe” tool
Westfield Mall of the Netherlands, along with partner Ocean Outdoor, are the first center in the Netherlands to use a digital ‘Stay Safe’ tool. This innovative application is a tool that detects the audience passing through the digital screen and simultaneously shows it on the screen with a large gray circle of 1.5 meters around each person. When the distance between people is less than 1.5 meters, the circle turns red. This way they are informed of the fact that very little distance is preserved. Once people keep enough space again, the red circle will turn gray again.

Johan Van Dorn, Director of Shopping Center Westfield Mall, Netherlands: “In these difficult times, our priority is to protect the health of our visitors, retailers and employees. We follow the government’s advice. Restaurants and cafes are now open for fast food only, and the rest of the center is open to visitors. We work with all of our tenants to create the most secure environment possible and we also ask visitors to take each other into consideration. We are able to properly monitor and control the number of visitors entering and leaving our center. The center provides enough space – in cooperation with our tenants and visitors – to create waiting lists and implement required distance metrics. We invite everyone who comes to our center to take into account other visitors and our staff by respecting the 1.5-meter distance. “

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