Gymnast who pulled his leg on landing | sport

Gymnast who pulled his leg on landing |  sport

Every day we shed light on a historical sporting moment from the same date. Today July 23, 1996: Injured Kerry Strug wins US gymnastics gold.

The Georgia Dome in Atlanta is holding its breath. On July 23, 1996, the Summer Games had been underway for a few days, and Keri Strug was ready for her final jump in the Nations Cup. The customization is simple: don’t fall for the downs. When she manages to do so, the young gymnast picks up the gold on behalf of the American team. Then the name Kerri Strug was written in capital letters in the book National Sports Champions. But there is one small problem. She takes a deep breath and captures her focus.

Time doesn’t stand still for anyone, including Keri Strug. She is now 42 years old, has a degree in sociology, is a mother of two and works for the Ministry of Justice. On Instagram, Strug mainly posts pictures of her daughter and son, but she reminds her followers every now and then for that special evening in 1996.

The problem Kerry Strug had that night in Atlanta was related to the previous jump landing. She fell hard and hit her foot. I started running with a sprained ankle and a damaged tendon. She makes a perfect jump and landings with a crooked face. She tightens her injured leg, but stands as gracefully as possible. Then it collapses. it has finished. Gold to America.

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