Cheaper Netflix subscription with ads launched in November – Netflix Netherlands

Cheaper Netflix subscription with ads launched in November - Netflix Netherlands

The cheapest Netflix subscription will launch in November. This new variant has been named Basic with Netflix ads. This has been launched in twelve countries and of course this new subscription to the streaming service is cheaper than the current options.

12 countries debuted with Basic with ads

Following the example of Disney+, Netflix now also offers a subscription model with ads. Research has shown that there is a demand for it, with a large portion of viewers preferring to pay less per month and in return see ads. Twelve countries will debut with Basic with ads, including the US, Australia, Brazil, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Mexico and Spain.

Netflix subscription costs with known ads

The costs are now also known. Basic with Ads will cost $6.99 per month in the US. This makes the new subscription €3 cheaper than the current basic version. Commercials will last between ten and thirty seconds. There will be up to five minutes of advertising per hour.

Limited offer available

In addition to the ads, a cheaper subscription also brings something with it. That is, a slightly more limited offer. Sarandos also made this clear about the quarterly numbers. All Netflix originals will be available anyway, so are major series like Stranger Things, The Umbrella Academy, or Virgin River. Not all movies and series that Netflix purchases from third parties will be available to subscribers who choose the cheapest option with ads. This simply has to do with agreements made in contracts. The Agreement with the Products does not include the option to display advertisements. Netflix is ​​working on this now.

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