Chaos in NVWA Scan Service | Interior

Chaos in NVWA Scan Service |  Interior

Recently, various reports about the Inspection and Test service have been published. The conclusions are not tender. For example, the culture within NVWA has degraded to the point that some departments no longer wish to collaborate with each other. Moreover, the organization can no longer handle the large workload: out of 152 tasks, more than a hundred cannot be performed properly due to lack of personnel.

Random and witch hunt

PvdA MP Moorlag fears: “Food safety is at stake.” According to him, the reports paint “an amazing picture.” CDA MP Geurts expresses doubts about the organization’s management and considers arbitrary NVWA’s actions toward companies in the investigations. “This must stop.”

MP D66 De Groot notes that the service is stuck between a very large set of tasks and very little capacity. Just like his colleague Dion Graus (PVV), he is concerned about whistleblowers on animal welfare teams: “The witch hunt has begun for people who talk to politicians.”

Independent reporting point

Minister Schouten (Agriculture) announced an independent reporting point that NVWA employees can go to with their complaints. The CU Secretary acknowledges that not everything is going well, but according to her, it takes time to run the organization smoothly step by step. She wants to come with advice about the future of service in the direction of negotiations to form a new government.

Due to the long list of problems, it seems the room no longer knows how to solve them. Many representatives think it would be best to transfer the NVWA to another department or service division. Socialist MP Futcellar usually likes this: “But I’m afraid NVWA can’t handle another reorganization.”

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