Celebrities angry at the “Stop the Counting” protests

Celebrities angry at the "Stop the Counting" protests

Many celebrities, including singer John Legend, reacted angrily to the demonstrations in different parts of the United States. Videos of Trump supporters protesting in several places show, “Stop counting!” to survey. Remarkably, Trump supporters are demonstrating elsewhere to continue counting votes.

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To be clear, is the Trump team protesting that all votes have been counted or that counting be discontinued? Oh, so it depends on who wins. I get it. John wrote on Twitter. Actor David Schneider asks, “How do you justify yelling ‘stop counting’ when you think you’re going to lose and ‘counting’ when you think you’re going to win?”

Trump himself has further fanned the fire by repeating on Twitter that he wants to stop the vote counting. He was also surprised by this among the famous Dutch. Tim Hoffman asks: “Who is saying this?” Imagine Putin tweeting something like this. Or an African, East European, or Asian leader. How will international politics react then? Claudia de Brig wrote.

Many celebrities had already rallied behind Biden with the campaign for Count Every Vote, who believed all votes should be counted. Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, and Pearl Jam, among others, support the procedure.


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