CBS Studios kicks off Dutch premiere with Bestseller Boy

CBS Studios kicks off Dutch premiere with Bestseller Boy

CBS Studios has started rolling cameras in the Netherlands for its series “Bestseller Boy” from Dutch broadcaster Afrotros.

The contemporary comedy-drama is inspired by the bestselling novel of the same name and the real life of rising literary star Manu Bozamore, his struggles as a Dutch-Moroccan navigating two cultures, overnight success and identity in Amsterdam. Rising talent Shaheen Al Hummus, who starred in “The Promise of Pisa” and recently won the Golden Calf Award for Best Actor at the Holland Film Festival, will play the lead role of Momo Zbi.

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Written by producer Robert Albringk Thiem (“Adam and Eve”) and Bosmore, the “bestselling boy” is written by Tim and Bosmore and directed by Norbert ter Hall and Sheriff Abdelmoula. Alon Arania (“Tehran”) serves as executive producer alongside Hall and Bosmore.

The series is produced by CBS Studios and Willy Waltz International in association with Paper Plane Productions. CBS Studios owns the remake and other derivative rights to the series, and ViacomCBS Global Distribution Group will sell the show outside the Netherlands. The series is supported by the NPO fund, as well as Dutch tax incentives.

“We seek to reach for the stars with our glamorous and glamorous ‘Bestselling Boy’ series,” says Producer Them. “It is the privilege of my life not only to host this project, but to actually produce this show with a leading international partner such as CBS Studios, along with the strength Creative by Paper Plane Productions and Dutch broadcaster Avrotros.”

Executive Producer Arania added, “After a decade of adjusting Dutch drama formats in the United States, I am very proud to be producing our first original Dutch drama with these wonderful partners.” “Bestseller Boy” is a solid addition to Paper Plane Production’s fast-growing global drama collection and I can’t wait to share it with the world.”

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“Producing this series, based on Manu Bozamore’s fast-paced and incredibly funny novel, was just as exciting as reading his book for the first time,” added Mylene Verdormen, Avrotros’ Head of Drama.

Megan Livers, senior vice president of international co-production and development at CBS Studios, said the project reinforces the studio’s commitment to the local language series, supporting diverse new talent in front of and behind the camera while telling entertaining stories that authentically reflect the world. we live in.”

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