Catering managers about bad weather on the balcony: “pointless”, “dark day” and “no use at all” | Cooking and eating

Catering managers about bad weather on the balcony: "pointless", "dark day" and "no use at all" |  Cooking and eating

Today, it is humid and cloudy across the country, which leads to disappointment among entrepreneurs in the catering business. After yesterday’s “ceremonial” reopening, the stands were largely empty the next day. According to Amsterdam’s head of restaurants, Won Yip (seven Amsterdam catering companies), this proves “that relaxation has no economic benefit for entrepreneurs”.

Yesterday he recouped the costs he incurred, says Hermann Hill (fourteen catering companies, eight of which are in Rotterdam), but opening them the next day is more expensive than remaining closed. “I can’t cancel a cast at the last minute, and what’s more, your audience won’t understand that when it opens its doors one day and closes the next.” So the balcony reopened at noon for a second day in a row, after nearly half a year of closure. “There is still a lot to tidy up, but other than that, this is a dark day literally and figuratively,” Hell sighs.


This is a dark day, literally and figuratively

Hermann Hill, director of catering for Rotterdam, among other places

Martin Heinleben (eight catering companies in The Hague) also suffered a loss yesterday when his balconies were almost completely occupied. A day later, only a few of them were sitting on their balcony with a blanket under a canopy. Hinloopen says it’s impossible to make a profit with all the limitations. “This is pointless. Nobody can explain to me why we are not allowed to serve coffee in the morning to the newspaper.”

At Laurens Meyer (fifty catering establishments across the Netherlands), there is only one balcony that is well occupied: “De Drie Gezusters in Groningen, which is covered and heated.” Moreover, Meyer is facing a “deception” today, after “the party” the day before. He’s hoping for a faster vaccination campaign, Meyer says, and he’s still waiting for the first shot in his 60s. “But I think all of De Jonge’s plans fail.”

Won Yip resigned over the weather. “We live in the Netherlands, not in Spain.” Says the businessman, whose holding company still owns nearly 11 million euros in 2017. According to Yip, the reopening of the stands is “only for morals.” “Whether the weather is good or bad, This relaxation has no economic benefit for entrepreneurs in catering. As far as I am concerned, the Council of Ministers devotes more attention to vaccination than relaxation. “

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