Cast Talk Back Together On “The Late Show” – Deadline

Cast Talk Back Together On "The Late Show" - Deadline

West Wing The cast returns in a special show on HBO Max, Martin Sheen, Alison Janney, Bradley Whitford, Richard Schiff, and creator Aaron Sorkin who went on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to share their memories.

Display – A special western suite to take advantage of when we all vote It launches on the Streaming device on October 15th.

Sorkin said it took the cast “a few seconds” to get back into their characters when they were filming. “It’s fun. If you feel it’s not a reunion, you are right.”

newsroom The creator added that they have followed strict COVID-19 protocols. “When we were filming, the safest place in America was the Orpheum in Los Angeles. He said, ‘We were as strict as possible.’

Janney, who played CJ Cregg, has revealed her favorite episode. “One of the most rewarding episodes for me was Woman of Kumar,” she said, adding that she enjoyed pardoning Shibboleth’s turkeys.

Martin Sheen, who played President Bartlett, revealed that he wanted his Commander in Chief to be a Catholic so that he could earn a degree from Notre Dame.

The group also paid tribute to John Spencer, who played Chief of Staff Leo McGarry, as well as Sterling K. Brown, who took over the role due to Spencer’s death.

Richard Schiff and Sorkin joke about Schiff wearing a wedding ring in the pilot episode, forcing Sorkin to find out if Shiv Toby is married.

The group ended up showing an exclusive clip of staging – an episode of Hartsfield Landing, which saw President Bartlett play chess against Chef Toby and Sam Rob Lowe as they fight for their re-election. Bartlett ended up defeating Florida Governor Robert Richie, a populist who preferred baseball on stage.

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“You think your blow is that no one likes the smartest kid in the class,” says Shane Bartlett. “I’m not arrogant … what I can’t stand is people who go out to convince people that teachers are nice and special and make them feel less than. He might be educated but I speak it clearly, just like you. Especially when we know that education can be a silver bullet.”

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