Canceled series hits huge hits on Netflix

Canceled series hits huge hits on Netflix

The Good Girls appears to be a huge hit on the streaming service, even though the series has already been canceled.

Earlier this month, the TV series appeared in the United States good girls on Netflix. The show was introduced and broadcast on NBC and canceled there.

Now it turns out that the fourth series of episodes good girls, which has just appeared on Netflix, is doing very well in the streaming service. At first they started at fifth in the top ten, but now it is good girls It made it number one in the United States.

good girls
Series good girls It aired on NBC in February 2018 and starred Christina Hendricks, Mae Whitman, and Rita. They are three moms in Michigan who decided to go all out and enjoy life.

The trio initially decided to make a quick buck by robbing a grocery store. This leads to a large web of crime, intrigue and greed. good girls It ran for four seasons and eventually earned 50 episodes.

The series ended abruptly last summer, even though the intention was to release a fifth (and shorter) season on NBC. “We really wanted to bring the Good Girls back for season 5, but it turned out to be financially unfeasible.”an NBC insider said in a comment.

Netflix won’t be able to bring the series back in exactly this way, because crew contracts good girls Expired.

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