Can you buy a peloton bike in the netherlands?

Can you buy a peloton bike in the netherlands?

You see them regularly in Hollywood movies, even Beyoncé works with them and they look very attractive: peloton. Peloton is a kind of Netflix, where you don’t sit and watch a series or movie, but you sit on a spinning bike and are instructed on what to do. Sure, the bike isn’t free and neither is the subscription, but many people still want to have it at home. This is possible in the US, but is this also possible in the Netherlands?

Peloton bike

Unfortunately, it will not be possible to buy a Peloton bike in the Netherlands unfortunately. The feeling of the exercise bike in our country has not yet settled. Not in many countries anyway: only seven, including the US and Germany. This is a shame, because although it is an expensive hobby, there are likely to be people who see baking in it. After all, you no longer have to exercise in front of others, you can start your gym class just when you need it and – to be honest – also stop if you can’t stand it anymore.

Moreover, the sports lessons are very versatile. You have a large library from which you can choose anything, including hit songs from Beyoncé. It’s a powerful technical ride, because you can connect the Peloton bike to your tablet or TV via Bluetooth. With Peloton, you can also choose so many options for riding virtual cycling paths, that it looks like you’re riding a bike outside. Certainly if you use your smart TV, you will find that you can empathize with it.

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Bicycle rider

You have to pay some money for it: the bike easily costs 1,500 euros and you haven’t arrived yet. Then the subscription costs 30 euros. Per month. In the Netherlands there is something remotely similar to a peloton, the Cyclemasters. However, this is not the same as slicks like Peloton and a completely different kind of music is used. It’s a bit more aggressive, and can excite some people, but you have a somewhat limited choice of exercises.

There seem to be relatively fewer cancellations in the Peloton than at the gym, so people seem to find it better to keep up with the sport without the travel time and social pressure. It is a pity that you cannot use it in the Netherlands. This is not only because the bike is simply not available, but the application also does not work in our country. Therefore, using a random spinning bike is not an option. You can opt for Cyclemasters, or simply go on a trip outside with Beyoncé in your ears. It doesn’t really come close to the Peloton, but that’s the only way to bring this experience closer together.

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