Call to buy Bitcoins from a well-known billionaire

Oproep om Bitcoins te kopen van bekende miljardair

There will be people who take celebrity words very seriously. For example, an invitation to buy bitcoins.

If your favorite celebrity does something, you do. You might think otherwise, but there are a lot of people who think that way. If your neighbor yells to buy Bitcoins, you ignore. But the famous billionaire is another story.

In the United States they have Warren Buffett. In Mexico they have Ricardo Salinas Blego. This man is one of the richest people in Mexico. And when someone this big is making a call, you can be sure that people are listening.

In his New Year wishes, the Mexican calls for buying bitcoins as an investment. Pliego is making this call on Twitter. Not surprisingly, he uttered these words. The billionaire is known as a huge Bitcoin fan. And if you read his bio on Twitter, you will immediately understand that this does not come out of nowhere.

The billionaire has nearly 960,000 followers Twitter. It is clear that he benefits indirectly if the popularity of Bitcoin increases and therefore its value increases. After all, he has their own. Case of us duck toilet. Always draw your own conclusions and definitely don’t buy stocks, cryptocurrencies, money or anything else because someone says so on Twitter. Even if he was a billionaire.

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