Calgary, health care workers in Edmonton receive their first COVID-19 vaccines

Calgary, health care workers in Edmonton receive their first COVID-19 vaccines

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Tanya Harvey, ICU nurse at Foothills Medical Center, was the first to be immunized in Calgary.

“I am the greatest danger to my family and I cannot put my parents or my husband’s parents at risk.” Harvey said, “It is not easy for everyone to understand what it is on the front lines – it is a blessing that most people are not in a position to see what frontline workers see On a daily basis”.

She said Canadians had the privilege of getting universal health care. This is a ray of hope for Alberta and she hopes everyone takes their responsibility seriously.

“We need to help each other and promote each other’s health. Please take your responsibility very seriously and get your vaccinated when the time is right,” Harvey added.

Prime Minister Jason Kenny explained in a video posted on Twitter that the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines were airlifted to Calgary from Louisville, Kentucky, after traveling from the production facility in Belgium over the weekend.

The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine should be stored at extremely cold temperatures so that doses are kept at specific locations in Calgary and Edmonton that have appropriate freezers.

“This is a game changer;“ It’s a happy day after these difficult nine months to show that there really is a light here. ”Thank you to all of those responsible for this vaccine program, to our task force, to everyone at Alberta Health Services, and to our partners in the federal government. Who worked with the provinces on bulk purchases. “

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