Cabinet mistakenly announces delivery of drones to Ukraine | Currently

Cabinet mistakenly announces delivery of drones to Ukraine |  Currently

The Cabinet erroneously announced that the Netherlands had supplied drones to Ukraine. The report ended “accidentally” in a spring memo, Defense Minister Kajsa Olungren wrote to the House of Representatives on Thursday.

It’s not about armed drones, it’s about drones with which reconnaissance can be conducted. Meanwhile, the Netherlands delivered €130.4 million worth of military goods to Ukraine.

The defense usually announces only the goods to be delivered in exceptional cases. The government’s intention was not to announce the delivery of the drones. Earlier, the Cabinet (consciously) announced that sniper rifles, armored vehicles, radar equipment and howitzers were sent to Ukraine.

It is not known what kind of drones the Netherlands sent to Ukraine. The defense uses several types of drones for reconnaissance, such as the PD-100 Black Hornet, which is only 10 centimeters long, the Raven is 1 meter long, and the X-300 integrated aircraft is 2 x 5 meters long.

The crow has been used extensively on missions in Afghanistan. The X-300 Integrator can be deployed both on land and at sea. This system replaced ScanEagle, which was frequently deployed by the Mali and Somalia Defense Organization.

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